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Newsletter | July 17, 2023

How is it possible that July is half over? Do you feel like I do - that the summer is rushing by? In all honesty, it's not been the best summer, weather-wise. There are violent storms, tornadoes, floods, and intense heat, and we can't forget how so many of us have been affected by the fires in Nova Scotia - just to name a few things. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia and on Saturday there was a flash flood, just 40 minutes from me. It happened in Bucks County, PA, on a beautiful quiet road and 5 people died, and 2 are still missing. I can't stop thinking about this tragedy, as it's on a road that my husband and I often travel on. Six to seven inches of water came so quickly that 11 cars were swept away. My heart is breaking for these families. The two missing are a 9-month-old baby and a 2-year-old. I continue to pray for these families, and all families affected by this tragedy. We all know the saying, "Enjoy life because things can change in a split second." The above story surely does prove that and I do try to always enjoy life. I woke up this morning to this beautiful photo that my brother sent. He is in Alaska with his family and I love seeing his daily emails. They are having the trip of a lifetime and I am just delighted for them. It's so important to me to live life to my fullest and to always remember to keep "my glass half full, not half empty." Talking about enjoying life - I love my job. I love "meeting" people from all over the USA. Some of you have been on my database for over 20 years. Some of you are brand new. I make people happy. I love hearing the joy in your voices when I say, "Hi, it's Judy - the Focus Group Lady." I love that! Even though I have never met 90% of you, I feel like I have. I ask about your children, and you ask about mine. You tell me about your upcoming travels, a new grandchild, a new baby, a new job, etc. You listen to me brag about my two grandsons (you kind of have to, if you want me to use you - LOL!) You have started to follow me on Instagram (though not enough of you) and on FB. I am almost at 500 followers on FB - who can help me reach that number this week? Simply go to Focus Group Lady on FB and Instagram to follow me. I'd appreciate it. Talking about making people happy - here are 2 wonderful in-person focus groups, in NYC. Just go to my website at to learn all about them. It's not too late to sign up for either one of them. So far 450 of you have done the 3 hour in person study. My goal is to hit 700 by July 31st. Please help by telling everyone you know about it. The second in-person study is for 13-24 year old's, and there are plenty of spaces left. Good luck and please spread the word. Here's another wonderful opportunity: This next opportunity is amazing. DM Clinical Research is in many, many cities. Please google them to see if they are located near you. They offer safe, interesting, and fun clinical studies. I have done a few myself - lots and lots of $$, but it is a time commitment, and most are in person. All you have to do to sign up to get their emails is go to the link below and fill it out. You will start getting emails from them regularly and hopefully, one or more trials will be good for you. If you have already done a trial for them and you learned about it through me - please let me know. Just click and sign up to receive their emails. This is one of those studies that I do not choose the people, so please don't ask if you got chosen to do one. I just like spreading the love to my "community." In conclusion, I wish you all a wonderful week. If you are on vacation - please be safe and have a fabulous time. If you are not able to go on vacation this summer - do something nice locally with your family or friends. Take time to smell the roses, take time to be with your little ones, or your aging parents. Take time for yourself - just slow down and enjoy life. And most of all - do something kind for someone you love. Do something kind for a stranger. Do something kind for someone you don't love - just do something kind today, tomorrow, every day! Please don't forget to follow me on FB and Instagram, and please let me know how you liked my first newsletter! I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a great week!!!


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