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Group Portrait


18-20 year olds ONLY. (IDs will be checked)


Every weekend through

December 22nd

3 hour sessions starting at 9am or 1:30pm 

​If you missed your chance before, try again now!

Earn $25 for every friend that completes the study.
Unlimited referrals!
Email Judy for more information

Easy to get to from the Philly area
Just drive to Trenton or Hamilton and take NJ Transit to NYC.  The facility is around a mile walk from Penn Station. 
Make a day of it with family and friends!
We're already over 100 participants from the Philly/Jersey area!

The general procedures of the study include performing a variety of arm or hand-related actions while wearing a band around your forearm or wrist with non-invasive surface electromyography sensors. These sensors will record your muscle activity. You will perform the protocol in different positions (e.g. while sitting, while standing) or, while engaging with content on a computer screen, or in augmented or virtual reality. While you perform these arm and hand actions, you may see visual feedback on a screen or through augmented or virtual reality displays.

Consent forms are required for this study.

You will receive an email listing your choice of one $300 gift card.

Payment is usually emailed 1-3 days after the study is completed.

Studying on the Grass

This study isn't a good fit for you if:

  • You're pregnant

  • You have difficulty hearing

  • You have vision difficulties beyond needing glasses or contacts

  • You have a seizure disorder such as epilepsy or have a severe brain disorder

  • You have any shoulder, hand or dexterity issues

  • If you are unable to travel to New York City to do the study in person

  • If you've already done this study before

Sign up with family and friends!

If you sign up with family and friends, you could be accepted into the same group and be able to do the study together. How fun is that?!

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